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The Jonkeereen Arrive with RPGSuite Version 3.75!

Introducing the Jonkeereen!   From the Spinward Marches, the Jonkeereen have arrived! The Jonkeereen contain 26 unique avatars and animations. Models will change based on your career path and gender. Every model has it’s own unique animations bringing each model to life. Stats follow the rules from the Behind the Claw rulebook.   Software Architecture […]

Package Based Character Creation is Live with Version 3.73!

Introducing Package Based Character Creation! A fun, and exciting addition to RPGSuite Software, build quality NPCs the package based way! Choose your race and its characteristics will be present in the build process. Three different modes of Attribute rolling, including Standard Rolls, Boon Rolls, and Individual Roll Assignment. Make a choice of career and background […]

Saurian Race Goes Live on Patch 3.72!

Introducing the Saurian Character Race! The Saurian Character Race from Behind the Claw (P. 67). Include new hand-made models for male and female Saurian characters! Saurian base rolls are now included when generating your character in the TCG The Saurian are available for purchase at  our store  and are compatible with the TCG & DCS […]