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Saurian Race Goes Live on Patch 3.72!

Introducing the Saurian Character Race! The Saurian Character Race from Behind the Claw (P. 67). Include new hand-made models for male and female Saurian characters! Saurian base rolls are now included when generating your character in the TCG The Saurian are available for purchase at  our store  and are compatible with the TCG & DCS […]

Patch Notes Version 3.71

Enhancement(s):  Reduced file size across all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) for the DCS and TCG. Should improve performance and reliability across all platforms. Bug Fixes: Linux: Fixed an issue where Character Avatars would not appear. Fixed an issue where choosing some races would skip over the home world screen and moving users directly […]

The Chokari Character Race Has Arrived with Patch 3.70!

Introducing the Chokari Character Race! The Chokari Character Race from Behind the Claw (P. 35) is now available for purchase on the RPGSuite Store! Includes new hand-made models for Male and Female Chokari characters! Train for Psionics before beginning your career as a Chokari. Enhancement(s):  Created a new manager for all of our in-game character […]