Changes in RPGsuite Version 3.63

Enhancement(s):  World selection (DCS) Users can now autocomplete and search for a world via a user friendly search bar. Included a drop down menu for the two sectors currently available to our map system (Spinward Marches and Trojan Reach). Created additional fields for Custom World Entry, world now creates appropriate UWP for users when selecting […]

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Changes in RPGSuite Version 3.62

Enhancement(s):  Created and implemented a basic custom world entry interface which allows users to dynamically enter all home world characteristics (DCS). Write out a Name, Sector, Subsector, & Hex Position Various sliders allow users to choose Starport, Size, Atmosphere, Hydrographic, Population, Government, Law Level, & Tech Level. Includes a summary of the custom world at […]

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Changes in RPGSuite Version 3.61

Enhancements:  Import & Export Characters Added the ability for users to Export their characters into a file format (DCS & TCG). Added the ability for users to Import character files to their accounts (DCS). Export will be found under the “Load Character” section of the TCG. Import and Export will be located in the “Character […]

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