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RPGsuite 2.7 Released!

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Wow!  It’s been a little while since we last posted, but not to worry, that because we’ve been very hard at work.   On Thursday 4th RPGsuite released version 2.7 of our DCS and TCG software.   There’s a large list of improvements and new features.  We are glad to be able to incorporate so many suggestions and so much feedback in this previous release.  Some features which have been long awaited for include:

  • Editable High Resolution PDF character sheet generation form the TCG.
    • Both in Color and B&W
    • Organization of skills by Cascade Parent skill on the output character sheet
    • There is now enough space for all skills on the PDF character sheet
    • Psionics Talents now correctly output and are emphasized properly on the PDF skills sheet.
  • Big improvements in download capability for folks with under 10Mbps internet bandwidth.
    • Everyone should now be able to download all content regardless of where you are in the world.
      • 5 hours is given by the system to download content.
  • Faster log in times
  • Armor values are now automatically added to Armor field on the “Damage Screen” of the DCS
  • Stats automatically recalculate when Augments which effect them are added or removed
  • University Event #10 now correctly resolves
  • Manual Dice Rolling (Ctl ~) is now fully functional!
    • Manual entry of an event number now corresponds to the given event in the core book
  • Fixed a bug in Quick Character so Quick Character always returns a living character and no longer hangs.
  • and many more.  Please see the details on the download page for more information.

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