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Welcome to RPGsuite!

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We’re happy you’re here!

What Is RPGsuite?

This is the home for our tabletop software offerings and a site for Traveller fans new and old. We spent the past year developing software especially for playing Traveller, a game we well love. Our flagship offering is the Traveller Character Generator. It’s an easy way to enjoy the full richness of the character generation mini-game. Our second offering is the Digital Character Sheet. Here we provide a wealth of support to play your character during your table top game. Finally, since we never wanted to hear “I lost my character!” or “Oops, I forgot to bring my character sheet!” ever again, we’ve created the Iridium Cloud Membership. It makes sure that all your RPGsuite stuff goes with you wherever you go, regardless of the device that you use. Your characters and any assets you’ve bought are all waiting for you when you sit down. The best part is, we’re giving it away for free! For the next 3 months, RPGsuite members who purchase our products will get this membership without paying a penny.

What kind of stuff is on RPGsuite?

On this site you’ll find our software, and all the things you can trick it out with (of course). This includes downloadable programs, and a rich array of stuff you can load into that software, like modules for all the core careers, races, equipment, skills, vehicles, ships, and talents from the latest Mongoose Core Book. We will also be offering new Races and Careers from 3rd party publishes, starting with the careers in the Gypsy Knights Games core setting book The Clement Sector.

We offer high quality Traveller electronic books from 3rd party publishers like the good folks at Gypsy Knight Games and SPICA. These are books that we personally own and have enjoyed. Just to push that bit of geekdom a little further, we’ve even stocked the site full of RPGsuite merch! You’ll find your favorite aliens on buttons, T-shirts, mugs and the like. Honestly, I’ve been wearing an RPGsuite alien T-shirt of some kind for the last six months.

Finally we’ve got a few interesting blog posts, both about our stuff and the game itself. This is where we’ll publish feedback, and news about upcoming releases and events.

What’s Next?

Lots of stuff! We’re talking with a number of folks who would like to make their content available through RPGsuite software. We’ll be reaching out to you, the community, to find out what your priorities are. Finally, we promise that if you guys buy, we’ll build! Here’s a glimpse of what’s currently on the drawing board or under development:

  • Interactive Imperial Library
  • GM tool set
    • Generation of NPCs
    • Creation of worlds and sectors
    • Remote interaction with character Sheets
    • Combat tools
  • Starship Architect
    • Ready made starships
    • Make your own starships
  • More 3rd party software content
  • Group and remote character generation
  • Easy 3D miniatures and battle board
  • More equipment, races, and careers
  • More character avatar equipment and feature support
  • And much more!

Thanks you for taking the time to visit us! Please enjoy our offerings.


Noah Ternullo

Captain, ISS RPGsuite

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