Patch Notes Version 3.61


  • Import & Export Characters
    • Added the ability for users to Export their characters into a file format (DCS & TCG).
    • Added the ability for users to Import character files to their accounts (DCS).
    • Export will be found under the “Load Character” section of the TCG.
    • Import and Export will be located in the “Character Screen” upon logging into the DCS.
    • Users will also have the ability to Export their current character while in use inside the DCS in the “Menu” panel.
  • Custom Skills
    • Custom skills are now appropriately editable and can display as the user intends.
    • When rolling a custom skill in the TCG, it will appear on the in-game character sheet according to the name and skill level granted by the user.
    • In the DCS, rolling a custom skill will now greet the user with a new window. This window allows the user to enter a name, and description of their custom skill.
    • Custom skills now appropriately print and populate across all character sheet PDFs (TCG & DCS).

Known Issues & Current Work

  • Battle Dress appearing on the weapon fire screen without embedded weapons(DCS).
  • Sometimes the wrong weapon is selected when entering the weapon fire screen (DCS).
  • Custom Skills showing up with the incorrect name, or not showing up at all (TCG & DCS).
  • Enhancement: Add the ability for users to remove character images (DCS).
  • Making Custom World Entry more robust by allowing for All Attributes (DCS).
  • Android port (DCS).
  • There are many more user enhancements, users requests, and bug fixes we are currently working on (for both the TCG & DCS), and we will give more updates as we progress.