Patch Notes 3.66


  • Added the ability to export Character Logs (DCS).
    • Character logs can now be exported in two different fashions.
    • Under the “Logs” category of the Digital Character sheet, two new buttons are present. The two buttons are “Export Individual Log” and “Export All Logs.”
    • The “Export Indivual Log” button will export the log currently selected by the user to a simple text file.
    • The “Export All Logs” button will export all of the character’s current log files into a single simple text file.
  • Please Note: On Macos Mojave or later, permissions will be asked to the file system for exporting logs. It is required that you allow the DCS access to export logs. This also pertains to exporting or importing any files from the DCS or TCG. This issue does pertain to older software versions as well, this is due to MacOS security changes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where where updating characters could potentially cause them to de-sync from the cloud and could lead to possible missing characters under certain conditions  (DCS & TCG).
  • Fixed an issue with PDFs potentially not saving due to long or unique character names (DCS & TCG).
  • Fixed an issue with PDFs not automatically opening due to unique character names(DCS & TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where melee weapons could not apply damage (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where single use melee weapons weren’t removed from inventory after use (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where .jpeg image files were not able to used for character portraits (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where Location Selection window would sometimes not load the map (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where ammo modifications would sometimes remain present after the ammo clip is removed (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where ammo modifications sometimes wouldn’t appear in the damage window (DCS).
  • Fixed multiple issues where Logs would not save.
  • Smart auto saving of Logs has been added as a feature.

Known Issues & Current Work:

  • Android Port (DCS).
  • Sometimes ammo needs to be double clicked to be loaded (DCS).
  • Character images not properly centered on PDFs (DCS & TCG).
  • UI Enhancement: Properly display skills and levels granted by equipment (DCS & TCG).
  • UI Enhancement: Buy / Install button for Battle Dress.
  • Additional sectors from traveller map (DCS).
  • Optional PDF for Character Logs.