Patch Notes 3.64


  • Replaced the file browser in the Digital Character Sheet with a more modern and user friendly implementation (DCS).
    • Mac Users: Please note, Mac Mojave OS or later has issues with file permissions outside of our control.
    • If the file browser for importing or exporting characters, or loading a character image is not allowing you to do so please do the following:
      • Go to System Preferences
      • Then Navigate to “Security & Privacy”
      • Click the lock to make changes
      • Ensure RPGSuite has access to files and folder
      • Ensure the DCS and TCG have access to the Desktop folder at the very least.
      • If they’re already checked, uncheck them, save the change, and check them again and save the change again.
  • Updated the RPG Suite Launcher software for Mac, it is now a fully authenticated application.
    • If you’re a mac user and had issues getting the Launcher to open, please download the latest Launcher from
    • Instead of it failing, it should give you the option to open the software anyway now that it is authenticated.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Melee weapons having 16D damage at all times, they should now represent their appropriate damage values when attacking (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where Auxiliary Grenade Launchers can be installed on top of one another ad infinitum (DCS).
    • This fix should also work for other weapon attachments as well
  • Fixed an issue with Air Rifle weapon damage having the wrong number at Tech Level 3 and Tech Level 4 (DCS).
  • Fixed an Issue with the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher Smoke Grenades not loading into the weapon (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue with Weapon Damage Modifiers reflecting the wrong damage modification amount (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue with the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher Standard Clip damage being 0 (DCS).
    • Please note: you may need to sell your current Auxiliary Grenade Launcher and install a new one for this fix to be appropriately reflected.
  • Fixed an issue with Plasma ammunition continually adding 1D damage to a weapon when loaded into a weapon (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue with Unloading ammunition from the Management Screen (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue with inappropriate files capable of being loaded through the file browser (DCS).
  • Cleaned up Browsing Skills, Weapons, and Equipment in the Digital Character sheet, navigation bar now works appropriately (DCS).

Known Issues & Current Work:

  • Android Port (DCS).
  • Character thumbnails are not displaying appropriately in the DCS character screen (DCS).
  • Obtaining all of the Data from for world selection (DCS).
  • More issues with the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher leaving empty clips in your inventory (DCS).
  • Issue with medical debt (TCG).
  • We have many more known bugs and features we intend on fixing and/or producing, this is what we have for this release and we appreciate your understand and patience! Please feel free to provide feedback at