Changes in Version 3.54

Please Note:

Mac Traveller Character Sheet Path has changed!

From: userhome/TravellerCharacterSheets

To: userhome/Documents/TravellerCharacterSheets


  • Created new Expanded Character Sheet.
  • Provides access to new dynamic character sheet building system.
  • Dynamically generates pages based on your character.
  • Adds pages to display your entire career history.
  • Additional equipment pages generated based on character equipment amount.
  • Brand new talents page that displays talents with descriptive powers.
  • Provides room for all skills in the game.
  • Fixes most if not all font sizing issues.
  • The additional space provides users legible and usable character sheets.
  • Maintains original visual aesthetics, but adds functionality.


  • Bug Fixes & Additional Features
  • UI Update for character selection screen.
  • TCG & DCS Path saving assurances (if the path to save your character sheet does not exist, it will create it for you).
  • Fixed a bug where the character image wouldn’t print to the PDF in the DCS.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades skill now displayed on character sheet as “JoAT”.
  • Added abbreviation to names and skills, equipment, augment, and others that were too long to fit in fields, also aids the character sheet.
  • Added italics to child skills for more distinction.
  • Bolded Parent skills for distinction.
  • Descriptions for Character Sheets are now present.


  • Liquid Metal Character Sheet Pack has Arrived!
  • Contains all aforementioned functionality of the Expanded Character Sheet with more style.
  • Pack includes five visual themes: Imperial Silver, Hierate Gold, Iridium Blue, and Tijian Teal.
  • Access this new product inside the TCG or DCS.


  • New Interface Included for TCG & DCS Character Sheet Selection.
  • When finishing a character, a new screen will presented to use to selected their desired character sheet.
  • Includes a preview of the character sheet before its PDF is generated.
  • Allows users to create multiple PDFs from this screen.