NPC Generator

NPC Generator (TCG Add On)


SUPER useful Traveller Character Generator (TCG) add on for quickly generating quality custom NPCs as complete characters.

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Product Description

This is SUPER useful for folks looking to quickly generate NPCs with the Traveller Character Generator (TCG).  In addition to the normal Quick Character Generation option, this add on supercharges the TCG with an intelligent NPC Generation algorithm.  Now you can specify:

  1. NPC Name
  2. Number of terms
  3. Race
  4. Gender
  5. Preferred Career Path
  6. Psionic or Not
  7. Priority Skill (& desired skill Level)
  8. Whether or not to Automatically Purchase Equipment or let you pick
    1. Algorithm buys equipment appropriate to NPC based on
      1. Career choices
      2. learned skills
  9. Value of starting equipment
  10. Starting Funds
  11. Force Terms and Career or Just Use as Preferences?

The algorithm will then run the NPC through the complete character generation process, making intelligent decisions to build the type of NPC specified.  The NPC quickly pops up with a complete career history, skill set, stats, age, experience, contacts, and race.  Additionally a full set of appropriate equipment can be provided so that the NPC is ready to start play.

The NPC generator requires the Core Package to be fully functional.

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