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Complete Core Materials Package



Product Description

This is the motherlode! RPGsuite’s Complete Core Materials Package includes all careers, weapons, equipment, races, skills, vehicles, and ships featured in Mongoose’s Traveller 2nd Edition Core Rulebook. Save more than USD90 over buying all core materials separately. Complete Core Materials Package contains:

  • Careers: Agent, Army, Citizen, Drifter, Entertainer, Marine, Merchant, Navy, Noble, Rogue, Scholar, Scout, Psion, and Pre-Career Education
  • Equipment: Augments: The Core Collection; Medical and Survival Equipment: The Core Collection; Armor: The Core Collection; Comms, Computers, and Sensors: The Core Collection; Grenades and Explosives: The Core Collection; Energy Weapons: The Core Collection; Slug Weapons: The Core Collection; Heavy Weapons: The Core Collection; and Melee Weapons: The Core Collection
  • Races: Vargr, Aslan, and Human
  • Vehicles: Vehicles: The Core Collection (plus vehicle schematics PDF)
  • Ships: Ships: The Core Collection (plus ship schematics PDF)


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an add on product that requires at least one of the Traveller Character Generator (TCG) or the Digital Character Sheet (DCS).  All of the content in this product will be automatically downloaded when you start either of those pieces of software.

Once you purchase the Complete Core Materials Package, all items will be permanently associated with your account. You will be able to use all products in the TCG and DCS (sold separately).   Please download the software from our Downloads Page.  This package gives your account all of the core assets, which will be downloaded automatically.   FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT you can also take a look at

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