Patch Notes Version 3.72

Introducing the Saurian Character Race!

  • The Saurian Character Race from Behind the Claw (P. 67).
    • Include new hand-made models for male and female Saurian characters!
    • Saurian base rolls are now included when generating your character in the TCG
    • The Saurian are available for purchase at our store and are compatible with the TCG & DCS Software.


  • Attribute rolling panel has been changed!
    • Rolls now show as a pair of dice.
    • Racial Base has been added to attribute rolls to handle the addition of the Saurian race, and any future cases where stats are not 2d6 based.
    • Racial Base converts a 2d6 roll to any roll type (2d3 and 1d6 for example).
  • Improved animation quality for the Chokari Character Race.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where mustering out benefits would occasionally come up blank in the mustering out benefit tables (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where 3D character portraits were too small on PDFS (TCG & DCS).
  • Fixed an issue with gender options not being functional (TCG).

Known Issues & Current Work:

  • Android Port (DCS).
  • Sometimes the Mustering Out Benefits panel appears blank but has information to display (TCG).
  • Sometimes a user can get talent rolls which are exceedingly high when training for Psionics (TCG).
  • Performance issues in the Buy Equipment Screen (TCG).
  • Enhanced UI when making connections (TCG).
  • Sometimes ammo needs to be double clicked to be loaded (DCS).
  • UI Enhancement: Properly display skills and levels granted by equipment (DCS & TCG).
  • UI Enhancement: Buy / Install button for Battle Dress.
  • Additional sectors from traveller map (DCS).
  • Optional PDF for Character Logs.