Patch Notes Version 3.71


  • Reduced file size across all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) for the DCS and TCG.
    • Should improve performance and reliability across all platforms.

Bug Fixes:

  • Linux: Fixed an issue where Character Avatars would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing some races would skip over the home world screen and moving users directly into starting a career (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where the screen would stretch when changing resolution and added some additional supported resolutions (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where character thumbnails would not appear (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where Logs could not be edited (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where Logs started on the “New Log” screen as opposed to the “Logs” screen (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where lighting could be inconsistent or too dark (TCG & DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where buying an auxiliary grenade launcher would crash the “Buy Equipment” screen (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where the encyclopedia wouldn’t operate when users had purchased it.

Known Issues & Current Work:

  • Android Port (DCS).
  • Sometimes the Mustering Out Benefits panel appears blank but has information to display (TCG).
  • Sometimes a user can get talent rolls which are exceedingly high when training for Psionics (TCG).
  • Performance issues in the Buy Equipment Screen (TCG).
  • Enhanced UI when making connections (TCG).
  • Sometimes ammo needs to be double clicked to be loaded (DCS).
  • Character images not properly centered on PDFs (DCS & TCG).
  • UI Enhancement: Properly display skills and levels granted by equipment (DCS & TCG).
  • UI Enhancement: Buy / Install button for Battle Dress.
  • Additional sectors from traveller map (DCS).
  • Optional PDF for Character Logs.