Patch Notes 3.76

The Digital Character Sheet on Android has Arrived!

  • We’re proud to announce the Digital Character Sheet Beta has arrived on Android Devices!
    • The DCS on android is in beta and will be immediately available to anyone who owns the DCS.
    • For android users on Android 10, the application is available for sideloading on the RPGSuite website.
    • For android 11 or newer users the DCS Beta is available on the Google Play Store.
      • Google Play only allows official releases on Android 11 or newer, their compliance changes as time marches on.

Software Updates

  • DCS is now in widescreen and received some graphical updates!
    • There are no longer black bars and should scale appropriately.
      • Aspect ratios of 16:9 and 16:10 should scale appropriately.
    • This should also work for ultrawide aspect ratios but has not been tested intnerally (feel free to let us know how it works).
  • General cleanup of the DCS views including the encyclopedia to make it an overall more enjoyable experience.
  • When entering the DCS you will no longer have to wait for 3D assets to download, they now download when you’re inside of the character sheet.
  • Added a button to reset 3D models in the TCG for users having a hard time making it through the initial loading screens.
  • Performance improvements (TCG)
    • Some legacy code was bogging down performance across the software.
    • All users should have markedly better performance.
    • There’s still some performance issues that were out of scope for this update, particularly the Equipment Screen causes slow down.
      • The Equipment Screen will be replaced in future patches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect roll modifiers (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where selected gender may not appear appropriately (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue with Saurian racial dice no longer appearing (TCG).

Current Work:

  • Starship Architect kickstar campaign
  • TCG UI & performance overhaul
  • Android Port full release.