Patch Notes 3.65


  • Added the new  Character Notes only page for Expanded Standard Character Sheet & all of the Liquid Metal Character Sheets (DCS & TCG).
    • Anyone who has purchased either the Expanded Standard Character Sheet and / or the Liquid Metal Pack will get his enhancement for free!
    • If you’re a diligent scribe of the Traveller Universe and your copious notes seem excessive, fear not! We have added in the Expanded Notes Page, and you will now have copious room to fill out more notes than ever before!
    • Once you fill out the initial page, the new notes pages with additional space will appear, you’ll notice the contacts at the top are removed (we don’t need to print them more than once.
    • Additional pages will be added dynamically contingent on the length of your individual notes.
  • Added the ability to remove a stat in the Roll Screen (DCS).

Bug Fixes:

  • Major Fix: Fixed an issue where equipment had images, but they would not appear (DCS & TCG).
  • Fixed an issue with Characters potentially not exporting or importing (DCS & TCG).
  • Fixed an issue with ammunition clips not automatically being disposed of when they’re empty (DCS).
    • Empty ammunition clips, and grenade with no actual rounds will no loner clutter your inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where modifications for grenades would not display in the Damage Screen (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where the world map had to reload each time you opened it.
  • Fixed an issue with the world search bar not sizing appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue where the world search bar would no apply world selection.
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails or character images would not be produced or saved (DCS & TCG).
    • Thumbnails now update to display user images as well (DCS).

Known Issues & Current Work:

  • Android Port (DCS).
  • Character thumbnails are not displaying appropriately in the DCS character screen (DCS).
  • Obtaining all of the Data from for world selection (DCS).
  • Issue with damage rolls and ammunition amount.
  • Issue with medical debt (TCG).

We have many more known bugs and features we intend on fixing and/or producing, this is what we have for this release and we appreciate your understand and patience! Please feel free to provide feedback at