Changes in Version 3.57

Please Note:

Mac Traveller Character Sheet Path has changed as of version 3.54!

From: userhome/TravellerCharacterSheets

To: userhome/Documents/TravellerCharacterSheets

Bug Fixes: 

  • Major Fix: Weapon fire screen allocating users negative bonuses even though their character has the correct skill & skill level. Resolved an issue where skill’s weren’t being allocated appropriately to rolling said skills, requirements and skills now function as intended when rolling (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs would fail to generate when character notes were not present (DCS & TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where the character image was blank when creating a PDF (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where an uploaded character image would not be present on PDFs when they are generated (DCS).
  • Added a scroll bar to character logs (pops up dynamically when multiple logs are present), also included a scroll bar when writing long notes. (DCS)
  • Fixed an issue with the Bwap character model (DCS).

Known Issues & Current Work

  • DCS Windows character models are missing textures and do not display properly.
  • Battle Dress appearing on the weapon fire screen without embedded weapons(DCS).
  • Bwap female character selection doesn’t switch the model, users get stuck on bwap and requires them to log in and out for the change to appear (DCS).
  • Sometimes the wrong weapon is selected when entering the weapon fire screen (DCS).
  • Career History page sometimes doesn’t generate correctly with longer career histories in PDFs (TCG & DCS).
  • Custom Skills showing up with the incorrect name, or not showing up at all (TCG & DCS).
  • Enhancement: Add the ability for users to remove character images (DCS).
  • Character model sometimes disappearing (DCS).
  • UI Enhancement: Make paging through equipment more user friendly (DCS).
  • UI Enhancement: Add scrollbars to log Entry and Notes (DCS).
  • NaN% occasionally shows up when loading the software (DCS).
  • Making Custom World Entry more robust by allowing for All Attributes (DCS).
  • There are many more user enhancements, users requests, and bug fixes we are currently working on (for both the TCG & DCS), and we will give more updates as we progress.