Changes in Version 3.56

Please Note:

Mac Traveller Character Sheet Path has changed as of version 3.54!

From: userhome/TravellerCharacterSheets

To: userhome/Documents/TravellerCharacterSheets

Bug Fixes: 

  • Major Fix: Cache Corruption issue: Resolved an issue where deleting a character corrupted the cache. This led to lost progress when creating, editing, and playing your characters, it also caused longer load times when launching the software. The new method for handling the cache should introduce more stability to the system overall, maintain the integrity of user data, and provide an overall better user experience (TCG & DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where the cancel button required two clicks inside of the writing a character log or character notes (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where Customer Character Worlds broke the character not allowing anything to save after entering the world name (DCS).
  • Removed the logout button and replaced it with an exit button (DCS).
  • Added an exit button to the Character Selection screen (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where Jack-of-All-Trades skill did not show up (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where hitting the “View Log” button while writing a log removed a user’s progress on their current log (DCS).
  • Fixed an issue where PDF generation duplicated equipped weapons (TCG & DCS).

Known Issues & Current Work

  • Characters with equipped Boarding Vacc Suites incorrectly show “Lack Required Skill(s)” when attempting to use skills despite correctly having the appropriate level of Vacc Suit skill (DCS).
  • Custom Skills showing up with the incorrect name, or not showing up at all (TCG & DCS).
  • Character PDF Image sometimes not printing out when exporting a PDF (DCS).
  • Character model sometimes disappearing (DCS).
  • UI Enhancement: Make paging through equipment more user friendly (DCS).
  • UI Enhancement: Add scrollbars to log Entry and Notes (DCS).
  • NaN% occasionally shows up when loading the software (DCS).
  • Making Custom World Entry more robust by allowing for All Attributes (DCS).
  • There are many more user enhancements, users requests, and bug fixes we are currently working on (for both the TCG & DCS), and we will give more updates as we progress.