Changes in Version 3.5

  1. Created new Hierate Character Creation Workflow
    • Implemented from Pirates of Drinax Book 2.
    • Includes Ancestry Soc/Ter generation.
    • Includes Right Of Passage (ROP).
    • Includes 12 new Hierate Aslan specific careers.
    • Includes new Aslan only Skills.
    • Includes Gender Specific Options and Events.
    • All features available with Hierate Expansion product purchase.
  2. Implemented Hierate Central Supply Catalogue
    • Includes all Hierate Aslan Specific Equipment.
      • Aslan Battle Dress
      • Aslan Augments
      • Aslan Armor
      • Aslan Weapons
      • Aslan Gear
    • Available with Hierate Expanse product purchase.
  3. Equipment Screen Redesigned
    • Equipment now loads WAY faster.
    • Images for equipment now included in TCG.
    • Easier to find, buy, and sell equipment.
    • Available in the TCG.
  4. Generic Equipment Descriptions and Image implemented
    • Added to the TCG.
    • Added to the DCS.
    • Added to the Encyclopedia.
  5. Multiple Upgrades to the In App Character Sheet
    • Alphabetized Skill list.
    • Skill list now sorts child skills beneath parents.
    • Horizontal scrolling implemented for skill list.
    • Vertical scrolling implemented for Contacts, Equipment, Weapons, and History.
    • Available in TCG.
  6. Created and Integrated BWAP race
    • New race, model, and animations for M/F Bwap.
    • DCS includes Boon for Bwap’s StructuredMind.
    • Available in TCG & DCS.
    • All features available with Bwap Product Purchase.
  7. Upgraded Homeworld UI
    • Displays world / subsector.
    • Descriptions for Starport, Size, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere,
      populations, government, law level, and tech level added and neatly organized.
  8. Mustering out Cash and Benefit information Tables added.
    • Gives players information on potential 1D rolls for
      cash or benefits.
  9. Purchase Downloads now faster that ever before
  10. Fixed numerous spelling mistakes, ‘???’ issue
  11. Starship Quirk Screens are now displayed to the user
  12. Fixed numerous small issues