Changes in Version 3.18

Changes in the TCG Changes in the DCS
Improvement of random number generator. SKILL SORTING: Skills can now be sorted alphabetically by skill category( Science, Athletics, Gun Combat, etc.), by level, and alphabetically by individual skill name.
Army Service Skills updated from Edition 1 to Edition 2 COMPUTER MANAGEMENT SCREEN: Allows management of multiple computers with various software packages.  This includes embedded computers on weapons, in armor, or in augments.
Gambling, and Broker, events corrected  WEAPON MANAGEMENT SCREEN: Weapon mods, and custom names/descriptions can now be added/removed/modified on a special Weapon Management Screen.  Also see ammunition management.
Character Connection Screen no longer gets stalled on cascade skills BATTLE DRESS MANAGEMENT SCREEN:   Customize your battledress with the right mods, integrated weapons, and armor options!  Available and used slots are visually tracked, and modification to battle dress attributes and traits occur automatically.
Merchant Events 3 and 5 corrected EQUIPMENT MODIFIES SKILL ROLLS:  Various pieces of equipment now modify skill rolls.  This includes expert & agent software, toolkits, medkits, and more.
Home World: Players can customize the name of their home world. AMMUNITION MANAGEMENT:   Your sweet weapons can now be tricked out with different types of ammo! Applies Damage and skill roll mods on the combat fire screen, and visual displays ammo amounts and depletions as you fire the weapons.
Psionics:   Functionality was added for psionic characters.  Talents display and PSI points are tracked.
Armor, and Vacc-Suits:These can now be customized.  And some kinds of armor can now stack for improved protection.
Jack of all Trades is now the default if you don’t know the skill in question.
Stat editing now displays correctly.
Devastating weapons: Weapons that do (DD)  damage now ignore effect, and correctly multiply the damage by 10.
Fatigue, and Encumberance: Either will give you a bane if you over do it.
Equipped weapons: Highlighted on list of possessed items
Minimum Skill: Some equipment requires a minimum skill to use properly.  This is now tracked.
Unconscious Label: Now highlighted when high damage been incurred.
Weapons and Equipment: Weapons and equipment can now be selected based on category (melee weapons, medical equipment) on either the market, or possessed, tab.
Added PDF exporter to Digital Character Sheet