Changes in Version 2.63

Changes to the TCG

Changes to the DCS

Spelling/grammar corrections Spelling/grammar corrections
Added psionic talent descriptions Reworked skill system
Enabled quick character Removed waiting time for new characters to appear in DCS
Added toggle to make characters psionic Failed download does not break program
Revised main TCG menu Fixed equipping bug
Added black/white printable character sheet Improved performance and download speed
Added asteroids Fixed bug with healing
Fixed position of scrollbars Updated engine to ensure faster login
Fixed music bug DCS stores last login credentials used
Changed override to ctrl+tilde Fixed bug with medic skill
Qualification no longer rolled on 100% entry chance Fixed bug with gender
Fixed basic training bug Added blank character
Fixed pensions bug Updated animations
Changed format of program icons
Trimmed required downloads to improve speed
Fixed career name inconsistencies
Added outdated app notification
Username character limit increased
Removed nonworking buttons
Fixed load button bug
Fixed progress bar bug
Adjusted appearance of career dropdown list
Updated failed login message
Fixed TAS membership bug
Entertainer qualifies on better of DEX or INT
Fixed university qualification and benefit bugs
Updated several events as per latest edition of the Core Rulebook
Loading finished character defaults to purchase equipment screen
Reworked skill system
Updated feedback text
Fixed mandatory advancement bug
Updated Droyne information
Fixed repeating skill descriptions
Added support for custom skills
Fixed Drifter basic training skills
Fixed psionic talents bug
Improved user feedback when pension is gained
Fixed skill names bug
Failed download does not break program
Added description for mandatory career-continuation
Streamlined aging dialogs
Improved performance and download speed
Fixed bug with forced drafting
Characteristics will not reset on race change