The Jonkeereen Arrive with RPGSuite Version 3.75!

Introducing the Jonkeereen!


  • From the Spinward Marches, the Jonkeereen have arrived!
    • The Jonkeereen contain 26 unique avatars and animations.
    • Models will change based on your career path and gender.
    • Every model has it’s own unique animations bringing each model to life.
    • Stats follow the rules from the Behind the Claw rulebook.


Software Architecture Changes

  • 3D Models are now downloaded when users first use the DCS and TCG.
    • Models were removed and are now downloaded using a new dynamic asset system we’ve created.
    • This will help us facilitate an eventual release of the DCS on mobile.
    • It will also allow dynamic file size for user’s RPGSuite Software, when users purchase races their models will be downloaded dynamically.
      • If you purchase a race while logged in, log out and log back in to download the new race.
    • In the TCG, users will be greeted with a new download screen after getting their initial downloads.
    • In the DCS, there will be a separate loading bar for retrieving 3D assets.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where when logging in after first time our software could freeze momentarily (DCS).


Current Work:


  • Android Port (DCS).
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