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Space Ninja Gag Career!

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This is our “Foolish April” surprise career! It’s a gag, and is no way serious.  Hang on to your suspenders of disbelief,  grab your sense of humor, and welcome in the SPACE NINJA!  BTW, you might expect that a “Foolish April” surprise would happen in April, and that’s just what the Space Ninja’s want you to think.  This way they can catch you off guard in May!

It has long been the responsibility of the Imperial Navy to suppress piracy wherever it rears its ugly head. A thousand years of this mission has led to the evolution of a special breed of warriors to do just that. History has taught us that the only thing more powerful than a Space Pirate is a Space Ninja!


Super secretive and stealthy the general public was, until recently, unaware or their existence. Space Ninjas are rumored to have stowed away aboard some of the first star-faring ships following their natural enemies, 1980’s pirates, to the stars.

This product contains a brand new human model, the Ninja, complete with black ninja gear and 1950’s space helmet. It also contains one career, the ninja, with 3 specializations, the traditional Shadow Ninja, the deceptive Pirate Ninjya, and the modern Cyninja, a cybernetic assassination machine. All of these are available in the TCG client and DCS. As a special bonus, purchase of this gag content comes with a bonus PDF detailing the career including, all of its events, mishaps, ranks, skills and the like.  This does actually include an avatar of a space ninja (as seen in the picture.)

Career Mishap Example

Complete Mission Failure!

You completely failed your mission! To atone for this you must speak with your ancestors…personally. Luckily your mom lives in a nearby suburb. You spend the remainder of your term sorting her attic, attempting to keep her from shrinking your uniform in the wash. You get cat hair on your ninja mask. Gain Mr. Fluffikins as a rival, and lose one Soc.

Sample Career Event

Save The Day?

Your skillful ninja exploits lead to the destruction of a nefarious pirate band and the rescue of their hostages.  Amazed at your martial prowess, the former hostages idolize you and vow to follow in your footsteps. You accept praise from your colleagues, being automatically promoted, and then quickly divorce yourself of the whole thing, before the pajama wearing wannabees become a lingering embarrassment.


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