Changes in Version 3.56

Patch Notes Version 3.56 Please Note: Mac Traveller Character Sheet Path has changed as of version 3.54! From: userhome/TravellerCharacterSheets To: userhome/Documents/TravellerCharacterSheets Bug Fixes:  Major Fix: Cache Corruption issue: Resolved an issue where deleting a character corrupted the cache. This led to lost progress when creating, editing, and playing your characters, it also caused longer load […]

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Changes in Version 3.54

Please Note: Mac Traveller Character Sheet Path has changed! From: userhome/TravellerCharacterSheets To: userhome/Documents/TravellerCharacterSheets Created new Expanded Character Sheet. Provides access to new dynamic character sheet building system. Dynamically generates pages based on your character. Adds pages to display your entire career history. Additional equipment pages generated based on character equipment amount. Brand new talents page […]

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3.51 Release Notes

Added popup at the beginning to make it clear when you’re on the free basic version without the core package. Added an in-app product catalog to keep track of your purchases. Catalogue displays all available content for the TCG & DCS. Catalogue displays all software currently owned by the user. Catalogue will send users to […]

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