Changes in RPGSuite Version 3.6

Bug Fixes:  Fixed an issue with the Bwap character model not switching out when a different race is selected (DCS). Fixed multiple issues with the character model disappearing under certain conditions (DCS). UI Enhancement: When a lot of equipment or weapons are present, the toggle navigation is dynamically replaced with a more traditional scroll bar […]

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Changes in RPGSuite Version 3.58

Bug Fixes:  Major Fix: Fixed windows character models not displaying correctly, they would show up with missing textures(ripped clothes, black spots, etc). That issue has been resolved, and the character models are rendering properly (DCS). Fixed an issue with the Hiver not animating properly, its animation now runs as intended (DCS). Added UI indication to […]

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Changes in RPGSuite Version 3.57

Patch Notes Version 3.57 Please Note: Mac Traveller Character Sheet Path has changed as of version 3.54! From: userhome/TravellerCharacterSheets To: userhome/Documents/TravellerCharacterSheets Bug Fixes:  Major Fix: Weapon fire screen allocating users negative bonuses even though their character has the correct skill & skill level. Resolved an issue where skill’s weren’t being allocated appropriately to rolling said […]

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