Package Based Character Creation is Live with Version 3.73!

Introducing Package Based Character Creation!

  • A fun, and exciting addition to RPGSuite Software, build quality NPCs the package based way!
    • Choose your race and its characteristics will be present in the build process.
    • Three different modes of Attribute rolling, including Standard Rolls, Boon Rolls, and Individual Roll Assignment.
    • Make a choice of career and background from multiple packages.
    • Find out the length of your career, and what benefits you receive in retirement.
    • Gain skills, and finish up your character back inside the TCG with the opportunity to purchase equipment, take notes, and generate PDFs.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where changing races inside of the traditional character generation software could break when switching races (TCG).
  • Skills start on the left on the in-game character sheet when making a character rather than the center (TCG).
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes character models could disappear depending on their career (TCG).


Known Issues & Current Work:


  • Android Port (DCS).
  • Performance issues in the Buy Equipment Screen (TCG).
  • Enhanced UI when making connections (TCG).
  • Sometimes ammo needs to be double clicked to be loaded (DCS).
  • UI Enhancement: Properly display skills and levels granted by equipment (DCS & TCG).
  • UI Enhancement: Buy / Install button for Battle Dress.
  • Additional sectors from traveller map (DCS).
  • Optional PDF for Character Logs.
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