RPGsuite would like to thank the following people,

without whom this project would never have been possible.


  • Video Content:
    • Rampart & Dragon SDB Models: Ian Stead BIOMASSART
    • Blue Empress Marava Model: Mirco Adam Traveller Illustrated
    • Apparition Class Multirole Deep Intruder: Mark Hirst Cambrian Moons
    • Animation & After Effects: Mark Whitbeck
    • Video Engineering: Zion Eddolls, Vince “Miyazaki” Garcia
    • Music: “Conquest Destiny”, created by Kevin Adams with custom arrangement (Used under license)
  • 3D Model Preprocessing:
    • Digital Arc Systems Team
      • Sean Fowler
      • Edgar Tudela
      • Alexander Chivelli
      • Eugene Pozdnyakov
      • Matt Partin
      • Miranda Pavelle
  • Software Development:
    • Digital Arc Systems Team
      • Noah Ternullo
      • Fred Golder
      • Ivan Miroshnichenko
      • Adas Lesniak
      • Graham Voysey
      • Dave Anderson
      • Russ Caughey
      • Daniel “Not from Stargate” Jackson
  • Graphic Design Team:
    • Paul Mitchell
    • Erin Long
    • Zoë Taeger
    • Michelle L. Bauer
  • Zhodani Agent: Kristin Pelletier
  • Live Action Video: Ken Whitman
  • Project Support: Willemijn Wilgenhof
  • JOAT: Lori Golder
  • Executive Producer: Dina Novitskaya
  • Special Thanks to: Marc Miller
  • Mongoose Publishing
    • Matthew Sprange & Sandrine Thirache


Imperium Map ©2015 ProFantasy Software, created under license. Created by Ralf Schemmann using CC3+ and Cosmographer 3, used with permission.

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