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3.51 Release Notes

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  1. Added popup at the beginning to make it clear when you’re on the free basic version without the core package.
  2. Added an in-app product catalog to keep track of your purchases.
    • Catalogue displays all available content for the TCG & DCS.
    • Catalogue displays all software currently owned by the user.
    • Catalogue will send users to the appropriate location for purchasing software.
  3. Improved Connections screen for very long-lived characters (more than 8 terms).
  4. Fixed Roll for Aslan Life event 11 to use Advocate instead of Natural
    Scout event 8 – failure with injury results in ejection
  5. Improved experience for free version of the TCG (No more missing ship!)
  6. Made some spelling corrections.
  7. Naval mishap 5 choice dialog now specifies what allies are available.
  8. Fixes Pension pension math for leaving a career, then returning later on.
  9. PLEASE NOTE: On windows the Traveller Character Generator will be listed as 3.52, all other version numbers will be 3.51.

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