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3.5 Release Notes

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Changes in Version 3.5

  • Created new Hierate Character Creation Workflow
    • Implemented from Pirates of Drinax Book 2.
    • Includes Ancestry Soc/Ter generation.
    • Includes Right Of Passage (ROP).
    • Includes 12 new Hierate Aslan specific careers.
    • Includes new Aslan only Skills.
    • Includes Gender Specific Options and Events.
    • All features available with Hierate Expansion product purchase.
  • Implemented Hierate Central Supply Catalogue
    • Includes all Hierate Aslan Specific Equipment.
      • Aslan Battle Dress
      • Aslan Augments
      • Aslan Armor
      • Aslan Weapons
      • Aslan Gear
    • Available with Hierate Expanse product purchase.
  • Equipment Screen Redesigned
    • Equipment now loads WAY faster.
    • Images for equipment now included in TCG.
    • Easier to find, buy, and sell equipment.
    • Available in the TCG.
  • Generic Equipment Descriptions and Image implemented
    • Added to the TCG.
    • Added to the DCS.
    • Added to the Encyclopedia.
  • Multiple Upgrades to the In App Character Sheet
    • Alphabetized Skill list.
    • Skill list now sorts child skills beneath parents.
    • Horizontal scrolling implemented for skill list.
    • Vertical scrolling implemented for Contacts, Equipment, Weapons, and History.
    • Available in TCG.
  • Created and Integrated BWAP race
    • New race, model, and animations for M/F Bwap.
    • DCS includes Boon for Bwap’s StructuredMind.
    • Available in TCG & DCS.
    • All features available with Bwap Product Purchase.
  • Upgraded Homeworld UI
    • Displays world / subsector.
    • Descriptions for Starport, Size, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere,
      populations, government, law level, and tech level added and neatly organized.
  • Mustering out Cash and Benefit information Tables added.
    • Gives players information on potential 1D rolls for
      cash or benefits.
  • Purchase Downloads now faster that ever before
  • Fixed numerous spelling mistakes, ‘???’ issue
  • Starship Quirk Screens are now displayed to the user
  • Fixed numerous small issues

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