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Welcome to our Downloads page!  We currently support two offerings, the Digital Character Sheet (DCS) and the Traveller Character Generator (TCG).   If you would like to make Traveller Characters, the TCG is for you.  The DCS is an interactive character sheet that helps streamline combat, track inventory, take damage, etc.  Please follow the links above for a more complete description.

All our software is available through one launcher, and the current version of the launcher will always be linked here. The launcher automatically checks for updates each time you run it, so you’ll always have the latest version of the DCS and TCG. To use the free version of the TCG you must still “buy” it in our store.

While the DCS and TCG come with all the skills, the Drifter and Prisoner career, and some basic equipment, remember to fully take advantage of the software you must purchase content to go with the software.  These include careers, races, equipment and the like.  This content is automatically downloaded from the cloud when you first log in to the product (either DCS or TCG).  We highly recommend the complete core package, which contains all races, careers, more equipment and the like from the Mongoose 2nd Edition Core Rulebook.  We also recommend purchase of the Central Supply Catalogue, for all sorts of new and interesting toys.

The current version of the software is 3.51.  Click here to see a list of changes in version 3.51.

RPGsuite for Windows 64 bit*

RPGsuite for Windows 32 bit*

RPGsuite for Mac

TCG for Linux**
DCS for Linux**

  1. If you have ANY version prior to 2.6, you must uninstall the TCG and DCS. Here’s how.
  2. Download the version for your operating system. (simply click the link, or right click and choose “save link as”)
  3. Double click on RPGsuite.exe (windows)/RPG Suite.dmg (mac).
    1. IMPORTANT: The first time you run the software you will need to be connected to the Internet. After your software finishes downloading and updating, you will be able to run RPGsuite offline.
  4. Follow the instructions.

*We are only able to support Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you are not sure if your operating system is 32 or 64 bit, click here.

**Our Linux software is experimental and largely untested. We encourage Linux users to share feedback with us!

Changes in Version 3.51

  1. Added popup at the beginning to make it clear when you’re on the free basic version without the core package.
  2. Added an in-app product catalog to keep track of your purchases.
    • Catalogue displays all available content for the TCG & DCS.
    • Catalogue displays all software currently owned by the user.
    • Catalogue will send users to the appropriate location for purchasing software.
  3. Improved Connections screen for very long-lived characters (more than 8 terms).
  4. Fixed Roll for Aslan Life event 11 to use Advocate instead of Natural
    Scout event 8 – failure with injury results in ejection
  5. Improved experience for free version of the TCG (No more missing ship!)
  6. Made some spelling corrections.
  7. Naval mishap 5 choice dialog now specifies what allies are available.
  8. Fixes Pension pension math for leaving a career, then returning later on.
  9. PLEASE NOTE: On windows the Traveller Character Generator will be listed as 3.52, all other version numbers will be 3.51.

Changes in Version 3.5

  1. Created new Hierate Character Creation Workflow
    • Implemented from Pirates of Drinax Book 2.
    • Includes Ancestry Soc/Ter generation.
    • Includes Right Of Passage (ROP).
    • Includes 12 new Hierate Aslan specific careers.
    • Includes new Aslan only Skills.
    • Includes Gender Specific Options and Events.
    • All features available with Hierate Expansion product purchase.
  2. Implemented Hierate Central Supply Catalogue
    • Includes all Hierate Aslan Specific Equipment.
      • Aslan Battle Dress
      • Aslan Augments
      • Aslan Armor
      • Aslan Weapons
      • Aslan Gear
    • Available with Hierate Expanse product purchase.
  3. Equipment Screen Redesigned
    • Equipment now loads WAY faster.
    • Images for equipment now included in TCG.
    • Easier to find, buy, and sell equipment.
    • Available in the TCG.
  4. Generic Equipment Descriptions and Image implemented
    • Added to the TCG.
    • Added to the DCS.
    • Added to the Encyclopedia.
  5. Multiple Upgrades to the In App Character Sheet
    • Alphabetized Skill list.
    • Skill list now sorts child skills beneath parents.
    • Horizontal scrolling implemented for skill list.
    • Vertical scrolling implemented for Contacts, Equipment, Weapons, and History.
    • Available in TCG.
  6. Created and Integrated BWAP race
    • New race, model, and animations for M/F Bwap.
    • DCS includes Boon for Bwap’s StructuredMind.
    • Available in TCG & DCS.
    • All features available with Bwap Product Purchase.
  7. Upgraded Homeworld UI
    • Displays world / subsector.
    • Descriptions for Starport, Size, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere,
      populations, government, law level, and tech level added and neatly organized.
  8. Mustering out Cash and Benefit information Tables added.
    • Gives players information on potential 1D rolls for
      cash or benefits.
  9. Purchase Downloads now faster that ever before
  10. Fixed numerous spelling mistakes, ‘???’ issue
  11. Starship Quirk Screens are now displayed to the user
  12. Fixed numerous small issues


Changes in Version 3.25


Bugfix for characters not being saved in an updated state.

Changes in Version 3.21


Changes in the TCG Changes in the DCS
Traveller Encyclopedia visual update Traveller Encyclopedia visual update
NPC Generator functional and visual improvement Character selection search bar bugfix
Character Selection Search bar added
Fixed Regression: “X” Button
 Encyclopedia dynamically autocompletes – no storing in memory
When not fullscreen, totally resizable

Changes in Version 3.18


Changes in the TCG Changes in the DCS
Improvement of random number generator. SKILL SORTING: Skills can now be sorted alphabetically by skill category( Science, Athletics, Gun Combat, etc.), by level, and alphabetically by individual skill name.
Army Service Skills updated from Edition 1 to Edition 2 COMPUTER MANAGEMENT SCREEN: Allows management of multiple computers with various software packages.  This includes embedded computers on weapons, in armor, or in augments.
Gambling, and Broker, events corrected  WEAPON MANAGEMENT SCREEN: Weapon mods, and custom names/descriptions can now be added/removed/modified on a special Weapon Management Screen.  Also see ammunition management.
Character Connection Screen no longer gets stalled on cascade skills BATTLE DRESS MANAGEMENT SCREEN:   Customize your battledress with the right mods, integrated weapons, and armor options!  Available and used slots are visually tracked, and modification to battle dress attributes and traits occur automatically.
Merchant Events 3 and 5 corrected EQUIPMENT MODIFIES SKILL ROLLS:  Various pieces of equipment now modify skill rolls.  This includes expert & agent software, toolkits, medkits, and more.
Home World: Players can customize the name of their home world. AMMUNITION MANAGEMENT:   Your sweet weapons can now be tricked out with different types of ammo! Applies Damage and skill roll mods on the combat fire screen, and visual displays ammo amounts and depletions as you fire the weapons.
Psionics:   Functionality was added for psionic characters.  Talents display and PSI points are tracked.
Armor, and Vacc-Suits:These can now be customized.  And some kinds of armor can now stack for improved protection.
Jack of all Trades is now the default if you don’t know the skill in question.
Stat editing now displays correctly.
Devastating weapons: Weapons that do (DD)  damage now ignore effect, and correctly multiply the damage by 10.
Fatigue, and Encumberance: Either will give you a bane if you over do it.
Equipped weapons: Highlighted on list of possessed items
Minimum Skill: Some equipment requires a minimum skill to use properly.  This is now tracked.
Unconscious Label: Now highlighted when high damage been incurred.
Weapons and Equipment: Weapons and equipment can now be selected based on category (melee weapons, medical equipment) on either the market, or possessed, tab.
Added PDF exporter to Digital Character Sheet

Changes in Version 2.7

Changes to the TCG

Changes to the DCS

TCG now generates PDFs!  PDFs are editable in Adobe reader, and are available in color and black and white. Login screen more responsive
Manual Die Rolling now match the table from the book!  It also doesn’t permit the user to enter a number that would hang the application. Login screen more responsive
GUI more responsive on loading Fixed continually downloading licensed asset for some models and careers.
Fix for players with under 10Mbps so that long downloads now complete. Fix for players with under 10Mbps so that long downloads now complete.
TCG can now be run in window mode, and has a settings option to persist fullscreen/window preference.  Equipped Armor now automatically populates in the Take Damage Window
Fixed Bug so Quick Character doesn’t crash when character produced “dies” during generation.  More responsive during login
Players can now disable 3D characters if they want to.    Made changes in preparation for iPad/Android Pad release
Fixed continually downloading licensed asset for some models and careers.
Significantly decreased logging in time for gamers with lots of characters
Armor values show in character sheet.  Character sheet correctly adds subdermal armor to worn armor to get appropriate protection value.
Stat Augmentations now modify your stats when added/removed.

Changes in Version 2.65

Changes to the TCG

Changes to the DCS

Fixed a bug where equipment form previous sessions couldn’t be dropped The combat panel no longer shows you widgets for range if weapon is melee
Improved lighting on the career screen so avatars aren’t in shadow The combat panel now supports aiming accross multiple rounds up to +6
Fixed a bug where Aim wouldn’t reset back to 0 after shot was taken
Parent weapon skill is now correctly used if child doesn’t exist
Aiming Bonus is now correctly NOT applied if Auto Trait used
Attack Results with Zero Effect now correctly highlight Damage Result
Fixed a bug where some older characters wouldn’t load
Fixed a bug where equipment form previous sessions couldn’t be dropped

Changes in Version 2.64

Changes to the TCG

Changes to the DCS

You can now reenter a career 1 term after you leave it. Login screen more responsive
2d6 probabilities enforced on Events Login time reduced
Finished Characters can now be loaded from the load character screen fixed saved character download bug
Finished Characters can now be deleted from the load character screen.
Login screen more responsive
Login process time reduced
fixed saved character download bug

Changes in Version 2.63

Changes to the TCG

Changes to the DCS

Spelling/grammar corrections Spelling/grammar corrections
Added psionic talent descriptions Reworked skill system
Enabled quick character Removed waiting time for new characters to appear in DCS
Added toggle to make characters psionic Failed download does not break program
Revised main TCG menu Fixed equipping bug
Added black/white printable character sheet Improved performance and download speed
Added asteroids Fixed bug with healing
Fixed position of scrollbars Updated engine to ensure faster login
Fixed music bug DCS stores last login credentials used
Changed override to ctrl+tilde Fixed bug with medic skill
Qualification no longer rolled on 100% entry chance Fixed bug with gender
Fixed basic training bug Added blank character
Fixed pensions bug Updated animations
Changed format of program icons
Trimmed required downloads to improve speed
Fixed career name inconsistencies
Added outdated app notification
Username character limit increased
Removed nonworking buttons
Fixed load button bug
Fixed progress bar bug
Adjusted appearance of career dropdown list
Updated failed login message
Fixed TAS membership bug
Entertainer qualifies on better of DEX or INT
Fixed university qualification and benefit bugs
Updated several events as per latest edition of the Core Rulebook
Loading finished character defaults to purchase equipment screen
Reworked skill system
Updated feedback text
Fixed mandatory advancement bug
Updated Droyne information
Fixed repeating skill descriptions
Added support for custom skills
Fixed Drifter basic training skills
Fixed psionic talents bug
Improved user feedback when pension is gained
Fixed skill names bug
Failed download does not break program
Added description for mandatory career-continuation
Streamlined aging dialogs
Improved performance and download speed
Fixed bug with forced drafting
Characteristics will not reset on race change

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